In-Clinic and
At-Home Telemedicine

Telehealth is only effective if providers get the critical information they need to accurately assess patient health. With Eko, clinicians are able to virtually examine cardiac and pulmonary health as if they were standing at the bedside.

Eko is the only platform that facilitates stethoscope audio and ECG live streaming between patients and providers. The platform has embedded video conferencing, or works alongside the video conferencing platform a health system has in place. Further, Eko is the only platform to provide AI-powered and FDA-cleared identification of Atrial Fibrillation, heart murmurs, tachycardia, and bradycardia to assist providers in the detection and monitoring of heart disease.

How Eko Telemedicine Works

Telehealth Solutions

In-Clinic Telemedicine

Lung & Heart Sound

Murmur & AFib Analysis

1-Lead ECG

Embedded Video Conferencing – Optional

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Eko unlocks the power of cardiovascular care during clinic-to-clinic telehealth visits, expanding access to patient care, alleviating strain on the health system, and reducing unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

Using Eko, a provider at a patient site - a rural clinic, nursing home, or temporary COVID-19 hospital - can stream stethoscope audio & ECG to providers at a consulting site - a virtual care center, medical center, or specialty clinic.

Telehealth Solutions

At-Home Telemedicine

Patient Friendly User Interface

Live Streaming

Embedded Video Conferencing

Provider Dashboard & Simple Patient Onboarding

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Direct-to-patient telehealth with Eko keeps patients connected to their care teams from the comfort, and safety, of their homes.

With Eko’s patient-facing application, patients at home can video chat with their providers and navigate a self-operated stethoscope exam.

“By bringing care to the patient through technologies like Eko, we can catalyze the evolution of patient experience at Sutter Health.”

Albert Chan, M.D., M.S., FAAFP
Vice President and Chief of Digital Patient Experience, Sutter Health

Telehealth Use Cases

From direct-to-patient home monitoring to hub-and-spoke delivery models, Eko is used by health systems across the country to power high quality telehealth visits.

COVID-19 & Infectious Disease

Titus Regional uses Eko to facilitate telehealth visits to reduce provider & patient exposure to COVID-19.


The Veterans Health Administration uses Eko to examine patients’ cardiac and pulmonary health from home during video visits.


Sutter Health uses Eko to conduct follow-up virtual cardiology consults with patients in rural areas to save patient travel time.

Skilled Nursing Facility Telehealth

The University of Rochester Medical Center examines patients at SNFs throughout Rochester County, New York using Eko.

Tele-ICU & Critical Care

Spectrum Health uses Eko to provide critical care support to ICU nurses during overnight shifts.

Rural Telehealth

The Alabama Department of Public Health uses Eko to facilitate telehealth visits with HIV/AIDS patients in towns across Alabama.


Children’s Hospital of Colorado uses Eko to connect pulmonologists in Denver with patients across the region.


The Medical University of South Carolina uses Eko to help rapidly assess cardiac and pulmonary health during tele-stroke consults.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center uses Eko to virtually monitor the pulmonary health of patients as they undergo lung cancer treatment.

Stethoscopes for Telehealth

Software for Telehealth

Telehealth Success Stories

Sutter Health

Learn Sutter Health uses tele-cardiology to improve patient compliance by reducing travel time for follow-up appointments.

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childrens hospital telemdicine

Children's Hospital Colorado

Learn how the telemedicine department at Children’s Colorado leverages virtual care to manage care in patient’s homes.

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telemedicine integration


Learn how StationMD integrates Eko into its telemedicine platform to care for the most vulnerable patient populations.

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